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I help people with disabilities and entrepreneurs to find there hide abilities and resources for there businesses.

Hello, I am Brandon. I am the Founder/CEO of PerceptionWorks and a design mentor at ADPList.

I developed my entrepreneurial mindset at Ivymount Middle School, then at Kennedy Krieger High School, when I did industry-standard scenarios, had an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and attended a special education school.

I learned Adobe programs and learned HTML, CSS and Javascript by creating websites. I am motivated by these experiences to become a part of the technology specialist.

Since I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disability at a young age, I was told that I would need support throughout my life. Previously, Workfocus Development Organization provided me with assistance, but I have never found the type of help I need to pursue a career I truly want.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disabilities are my superpowers because when combined they make me a powerful entrepreneur.

It gives me the ability to be a problem-solver, to have imagination and be more creative, to have a sense of humor and perseverance, as well as a sharp memory and ability to handle multiple tasks.

Perception Work is a Digital Design and Technology Company with a wonderful tool help people with disability become more accessible within the digital world that will distribute design and technology to businesses with accessibility challenges.

  • 7+

    year of experience

  • 5+

    mentoring students

  • 2+

    participated in public speaking events

Where I speak and mentor?

How can we server you?

We help disability-aware businesses to develop a culture of inclusivity within their organizations.

  • Mentorship / Coaching

    Entrepreneurs, designers, and people with disabilities are all part of my life and I love to mentor.

  • Designer & Coder

    Need a single designer to work on your project, not a team. If you need a team for bigger project.

  • coming soon

    Business Advior

    The startups we work with are inclusivity/god-driven and require help to build the impossible.

  • coming soon

    Venture Partner

    Invest my time or money in a startup that brings inclusivity to their company culture.

What do students says?

To become influential leaders within their careers and lives, I have mentored students and employees.

  • Samantha Truong

    Product Designer

    Brandon was a wonderful mentor and a very resourceful guy.

    He is always eager to answer my questions and provide me with resources he thinks would benefit my questions and situations!

  • Makaile Stanley

    Marketer at Perception Works

    Brandon is a person who will push you to think outside the box in a wide variety of situations. When you're going through a difficult time, his natural leadership and big brother role are a great help.

    He gives excellent feedback when you need a professional opinion. He was one of my most valuable mentors.

  • Thembeka Thokane

    UI / UX Designer

    Brandon is really helpful, he provided me with a number of resources before and after our session. I was also able to share a case study with him, where a lot of scrutinizing happened, lol.

    I am grateful though and am excited to learn a number of skills from him.

  • Adam Lerner

    CEO at ClearCut Health

    Brandon was insightful, and helpful with resources I didn’t know about.

  • Samantha Truong

    Product Designer

    Brandon was a wonderful mentor and a very resourceful guy. He is always eager to answer my questions and provide me with resources he thinks would benefit my questions and situations!

  • What I'm working on?

    • Perception Works

      bootstrap startup

      I run a disability-owned creative & technology company focuing on disability inclusive based in Hyattsville, MD got a big idea?

    • Disability Over Abilities

      not finished

      People with disabilities and anyone can use the book to discover their own strengths and capabilities to achieve their goals.

    • Newsletter

      not finished

      I write a monthly newsletter to share my journey and experiences as a designer, advisor, founder and vaganism.

    • Mentoring at ADPList

      I regularly mentoring within the design community to help other inspiring designers and leaders with their careers.

    • Looking for a Speakers

      Are you looking for a person with experience speaking to people with disabilities or to be a panelist? book a call with me?

    • Become a Guests


      Are you a person with a disability or know person with disability who has shown greatness and are willing to share your story with others? lets dicuss your story?